52 Pickup Auditions

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Dates & Info

Director/Producer: Charity Farrell
Writer/Creator: Katie Nixon


Audition Due Date: Sat, Jan 22 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Table Read: Jan 30 @ 6pm ET




A feature film about coping with trauma. How do you pick up the pieces? Funny, hopeful and emotional, this film portrays a journey that finds beauty from pain, exploring how trauma affects social interactions, the body, and brain.


Katie: Lead female, 15-28. (CAST)

Linda: Supporting female, 40-60

Katie's mother. A complicated relationship. Linda is clever and funny but says things that toe the line of offensive. You never quite know if she's actually helpful or hurtful.

Joyce: Supporting female, 30-60 (CAST)

Katie's therapist. the voice of reason allowing Katie to work through her thoughts in a safe space.

Noah: Supporting male, 25-30

(note: please read Peter sides for audition)

Band Member & Katie's eventual love interest

Peter: Supporting male, 25-30 (CAST)

Katie's Pianist & Band Member

Jake: Supporting male, 18-30

Katie's ex-boyfriend. short tempered and manipulative. Only Katie sees his darker side. He's fiercely protective of his reputation.


Becca: Supporting female, 15-18

(note: please read Kellie sides for audition)

Katie's childhood best friend.

Kellie: Supporting female, 18-25

Katie's college best friend. As kind as they come and a safe space for Katie.

Luke: Supporting male, 18-25

Katie's college boyfriend. Caring & gentle. Clearly madly in love with Katie.

Paul: Supporting male, 25-30 (CAST)

A priest who talks Katie through a tough time.

Manager: Supporting female, 20-35 (CAST)

Katie's manager at work. Lovely heart and reads the room very well. Understanding of Katie even when it's inconvenient for her.

Audition Requirements

Record Video Horizontally

  • Neutral Background

Label clearly *Avoid using / in file name. can cause upload issues*

  • full name_role desired

  • full name_resume, full name_headshot
    *please confirm your contact info is listed on your resume before submitting.

Due date Saturday, January 22 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT

*please confirm your contact info is on your resume before submitting.