My Favorite Podcast:

the Unofficial MFM Musical

Dates & Info

Director: Lacy Perrie
Choreographer: Katelyn Parish

Music Director: TBD


Audition Due Date: Sat, April 10 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Invited Callbacks: April 15 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Cast Announcement: April 25th, 2021
Rehearsals: May 1 - July 29, 2021
Performances: August 12-22, 2021

*performers will not need to be available for

performance dates

Equipment Ideas *NOT MANDATORY

Audition Requirements

    32 bar MT song 
    ​(with instrumental track)

    32 bar MT song ​(with instrumental track)
    Dance Audition Cuts (videos below)

Record Video Horizontally

  • Neutral Background

Label clearly *Avoid using / in file name. can cause upload issues*

  • full name_song title_role desired

  • full name_resume, full name_headshot
    *please confirm your contact info is listed on your resume before submitting.

Due date Sat, April 10 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT

*please confirm your contact info is on your resume before submitting.

Production Description

"My Favorite Podcast: the Unofficial MFM Musical" is a brand new musical written by Michael Perrie Jr. based loosely on the popular "My Favorite Murder" Podcast.



We’re not going for mirror images of the women, we want suggestions of who they are with the right chemistry.


KAREN — 40-50’s, she/her, any race, ALTO. Unabashedly funny, loud, but intensely sincere. The kindest smartest, soul who just wants to enjoy the moment and laugh. Has seen her fair share of shit. A comedian and comedy writer with a penchant for murder stories. Chaotic Good.


GEORGIA — 30-40’s, she/her, any race, ALTO/MEZZO. Genuinely funny, smart and soulful. An odd-ball wrapped in vintage dresses. She’s had a tough life, but has overcome brilliantly. Loves cats. A writer/blogger who can’t help but fall into nostalgia and a good gruesome tale. True Neutral.


STEVEN — 25-35, he/him, any race, wears mustache, TENOR. Sardonic, and sincere. Podcasting guru with a penchant for dinosaurs and cats. Lawful Neutral. 


ENSEMBLE DANCERS (any race/ethnicity): 


A - (she/her, they/them) Hannah Allegro/others, 20-30

  • femme, fire (ALTO)

B - (she/her, they/them) Angela Spencler/Young Georgia, 20-30 

  • femme, water (SOPRANO)

C - (he/him, they/them) Markus Spencler/others, 20-30

  • masc, earth (TENOR/BARITONE)

D - (he/him, they/them) Gary/others, 20-30

  • masc, air (BARITONE/BASS)