Dates & Info

Director: Caleb Redslob

Music Director: Katelyn Quinn

Technical Director: Charity Farrell

Stage Manager: Christine Orr

Audition due date:
Fri, Oct 23rd @ 8pm EST/5p PDT


Invited Callback due date: 

Fri, Oct 30 @ 8pm EDT/5pm PDT

1st Rehearsal:

Mon, Nov 2 

Filming Day:

First week of January 2021

(schedule TBD; based on conflicts)


to stream mid/late January 2021*

*actors will not need to be available for performance dates

(production will break for the winter holidays and resume in January)

Production Description

Virtual Venue Theatricals presents W-YRD, the premiere show in our New Works series. Performers will have the unique opportunity to participate in the workshop to performance experience: providing feedback, fine-tuning characters, and developing a fully-realized collaborative production. Rehearsals to begin in November, break in December for revisions, and resume in January for brush-ups and filming.


Radio station W-YRD is the hub for a list of local songwriters: high-school lovers, overworked mothers, jealous besties, and zealous pastors. In a small town that keeps getting smaller, the radio tower broadcasts their emotions as music while they navigate relationships, regrets, and rediscovery. An original musical by Caleb Redslob.


All roles performed remotely with performances to stream on



Able Doran (Lead): Female, 18+ WORK FROM HOME


An angsty and sarcastic teenager; looking for her place in the world. Probably but not implicitly queer. Aspiring songwriter.


Ollie Rogers (Lead): Male, 18+ WORK FROM HOME


Likeable high schooler, gold retriever type. Charming and comforting to those he meets. Scatterbrained.


Reagan Rogers (Lead): Female, 35-50 WORK FROM HOME


Ollie’s mother, hardworking. Diligent and determined to provide her son a path to success. Sensible and caring with a smart wit.


Dirk Samson (Supporting): Male, 35-50 WORK FROM HOME


A pastor with a past. Seeks redemption with all the resources his lucrative religion has to offer. Pining for a lost love.


Mackenzie (Supporting): Female, 18+ WORK FROM HOME


High school soccer star who seeks purpose off the playing field.  Friendly and confident, the object of Ollie’s affections.


Artie (Lead): Male, 35+ WORK FROM HOME


The charismatic and off-beat host of W-YRD radio station. Delights in the discovery of hidden gems. Mind like a steel trap.


Ezra (Supporting): Gender Fluid, 20+ WORK FROM HOME


Radio DJ, aspiring solo artist, and self-proclaimed member of the W-YRD royal court. Quirky and expressive. Reads auras.


Andrea Doran (Supporting): Female, 35-50 WORK FROM HOME


Authoritarian; image obsessed. Mother to Abel; out of touch with the emotional needs of her daughter.

Equipment Ideas *NOT MANDATORY

32 bar Pop/Rock song ​(no a capella please)

Record Video Horizontally

  • Neutral Background

Label clearly

  • full name_song title_role desired

  • full name_resume, full name_headshot
    *please confirm your contact info is listed on your resume before submitting.

Due date October 23rd @ 8pm EDT/5pm PDT

*please confirm your contact info is on your resume before submitting.