Dates & Info

Director: Abby Parr
Choreographer: Katelyn Parish 

Music Director: TBD


Audition due date:
August 30th, 2020 @ 8pm EST/5p PDT


1st Rehearsal:

Saturday, September 26th @ 7p EST/4p PDT

Filming Day:

Saturday, October 17th @ 10a EST/7a PDT


October 23, 24, 25 @ 8p EST/5p PDT

Tuition fees: $200 per child

(includes Workshop course, as well as final digital copy of production.)

Production Description

Based on the bestselling children's book series, “The Cupcake Club," this musical workshop celebrates kid power, friendship, and standing up for who you are and what you believe in. KOTA is producing the first production of the NYMF expanded cast edition since its debut in 2017, and the first-ever virtual production. Now casting roles for young actors between 9-18 years old.

In addition to rehearsing for the production, cast members will focus on character development, breaking down scenes, self-tape skills, and work with Special Guests. Virtual productions combine Musical Theatre and On-Camera, which gives young actors a brand new way to create


Kylie Carson (Lead): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME

leader of The Cupcake Club. A quirky, slightly awkward, nervous new girl--described as having “weird taste in clothes and freckles on her nose.” The butt of everyone’s jokes, she struggles with self-doubt and finding a place she fits in amidst the school social scene. Kylie goes on an emotional journey to unapologetically own who she is. Role requires strong acting skills and vocals

Lexi Poole (Lead): 9-17 WORK FROM HOME

one of The Cupcake Club members. A shy, demure girl, who “tends to disappear” around her peers until she finds her voice and her power as a member of PLC. She is sensitive and artistic; the person responsible for turning the club’s cupcakes into mini works of art. In the end, she has no trouble asserting herself if it means sticking up for her friends. Lexi should have strong acting skills and vocals.

Jenna Medina (Lead): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME

one of The Cupcake Club members. “Do I talk a little loud?” Jenna is vivacious, loquacious, and the “golden tastebuds” of PLC--she knows everything about flavors and ingredients. She loves Oreos, a metaphor for her own personality: hard on the outside, soft on the inside. She tries to be tough and pretends like things don’t hurt her…but they do. Her family doesn't have a lot of money or live in a fancy house (she's always wearing her sisters' hand-me-downs), which is why the popular girls look down on her. Yet she won’t back down when a bully challenges her--and tries to show Kylie how to do the same.

Sadie Harris (Lead): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME

one of The Cupcake Club members. Captain of the Blakely Bears Basketball team, she years to be looked upon as something other than a “dumb jock.” When she finds PLC, she discovers talents she never knew she had--i.e. the ability to crack an egg with one hand. She is physically tall and athletic; skilled with dribbling a basketball or twirling it on her finger.

Meredith Mitchell (Lead): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME

leader of The Blah Girls (popular girls). Think Regina George from "Mean Girls." Snide, snarky and self-absorbed, Meredith is Blakely’s Queen Bee who rules by fear, intimidation and a massive Instagram following. She preys on Kylie, appearing in her nightmares as the Wicked Witch. But Meredith isn’t just a bully; at her core, there is insecurity, vulnerability and the need--as much as anyone else--to feel loved. Her “minions” a.k.a. The Blah Girls (Blakely Ladies for the Advancement of Hip Hop) follow every command that she barks. Physically, she is stylish and a dancer, capable of both highly-charged emotional scenes and evoking a mean girl that is not a cliché.


Juliette/Kylie's Mom (Supporting): 18+ WORK FROM HOME

A teacher at Blakely School and fierce advocate for her students. Loves her job and is in complete and total support of Kylie's pursuit to branch out and find her path within the social constructs of Blakely.

BLAH Girls (Ensemble/Supporting): Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME

Meredith's "minions" very popular girls and they know it. Think Gretchen and Karen from "Mean Girls." bullies but always with an innocent smile, all 3 girls are very proud to be a part of Meredith's exclusive Clique. They follow every command that she barks. Physically, they are stylish and dancers, capable of both highly-charged emotional scenes and evoking a mean girl that is not a cliché

Ensemble: Male/Female, 9-17 WORK FROM HOME

Strong singers and movers. 

Equipment Ideas *NOT MANDATORY

32 bar MT song ​(with instrumental track)

Record Video Horizontally

  • Neutral Background

Label clearly

  • full name_song title_role desired

  • full name_resume, full name_headshot

Due date August 30th @ 5pm PDT/8pm EST