Possessed Auditions

Dates & Info

Director: Charity Farrell
Writer/Creator: Marc Silverberg


Audition Due Date: Sat, Oct 9 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT
Read Through: Oct 18th @ 6pm ET

Rehearsals & Filming: Oct 25th - Nov 8, 2021
*performers will not need to be available for

performance dates

Equipment Ideas *NOT MANDATORY

Audition Requirements

Record Video Horizontally

  • Neutral Background

Label clearly *Avoid using / in file name. can cause upload issues*

  • full name_role desired

  • full name_resume, full name_headshot
    *please confirm your contact info is listed on your resume before submitting.

Due date Saturday, October 9 @ 8pm ET/5pm PT

*please confirm your contact info is on your resume before submitting.

Production Description


Blair has video-called her best friend Linda because she believes her boyfriend, Max is cheating on her. Their simple conversation about long-term relationships quickly devolves when Linda is suddenly possessed by a demon. What follows is a madcap series of events as Blair attempts to banish the demon from Linda’s body, determine whether or not her boyfriend is cheating on her, argue with everyone about her relationship, and generally figure out what-in-the-actual-fuck is going on.


Blair: female, 25-35. Blair is a moderately young woman with a very short temper. A bit of a tomboy, Blair is clearly the alpha in her relationship. She is stubborn, sarcastic, and easy to rile up into a rage. When something is bothering her, she tends to stay fixated on the solving the problem, ignoring everything else in her life. Her clothing choices and room decorations are chosen for practicality, not appearance.


Linda: female, 25-35. Linda is outgoing, confident, opinionated, and fiercely protective of her friends. She was definitely homecoming queen of her high school, as well as the leader of a pack of mean girls. At times she can be somewhat of a ditz, but this does not define her. Her room is immaculately clean and her appearance is the result of hours of preparation. In a way, she is the completely opposite of Blair, which probably explains why they are such good friends.


Max: male, 20-30. Max is moderately handsome and very geeky. Max is attracted to all things nerd: tabletop games, magic tricks, weird objects, mythical lore. At his core, he is an optimist with a strong sense of humor. He doesn’t particularly like confrontation, so his girlfriend Blair ends up winning almost every argument.  He uses humor to comfort himself during the moments of life that he cannot understand.